Monday, 27 August 2012

Latin insiders

So I follow up with Timbao Vibe. 'We' have a new bass player Daniel from CUBA !! He has helped me with the whole process and I gave him some help with the reading of charts in a rehearsal. It turns out that it's really a lot about dancing. I've thought about the timbao being in 2 but Daniel explained that
dancers essentially dance in 4 and the montunos reflect that. Things (8ths) seem to be pushed to the beginning and the middle of the bar. The other thing Daniel mentioned that I should listen very carefully to the Timbales and flow and follow their figures and fills. My biggest concern apart from that is just following the form and repeats etc. in the charts. But that is something I should be able to address with the mp3s.

Timbao Vibe had a gig last Saturday again at AZUKARS. The volume didn't quite bother me as much. I felt more prepared and actually was I thought :) laying it down and did get some encouragement from some of the rhythm section guys. The band played much better as a result of tightening up the figures. There was far less conflict than the first time. I was nervous but really was able to smack that beat and it was huge fun. Compliments came from the audience as well. So this is fun.... I may take up the Salsa Dancing and I'll have to play standing up if I get it right :). This is powerful stuff. It's just like the old days (real old) when I played in a (rock type) band for local dances. Here there is this Latin Intensity that is very elating and in spite of the 4-ness of the rhythm, when it's done correctly and with attention, that beat can broaden up and be felt in 2 and in 1. So I'm getting this even though there is room for improvement.