Monday, 9 September 2013

Loving Light Within

With That

Loving Light Within

He paid homage to the light within him..
the light within him shone brighter with that..
The white all-colors opened up in welcome..
The light was plain to see and peace
and recognition flowed still, in a greater
abundance with that !!

The light became an absorption and seemed
to envelope him with that..
It seemed beckoning for more focus on it,
the light and it’s source being one that is
only found there: within his consciousness
and being his consciousness with that..

The light was the truest thing in him..
The truest thing is not denied with that..
The being, being then not denied light or
sound, vibrates in true color of it..
Homage to it, the true meaning, the light,
encourages the flow of meaning with that..
loving light within..