Friday, 9 March 2012

Thrive arrive alive bee hive Behave

Interesting devolopments in the You Tube: "Thrive" clip (over 2 hours long) and I'm not through it all yet. Talks of technology and further proof of ancient extra terrestrial visitations. I'm not totally convinced but this clip is tantalizing in its connections to that very thing. They're talking about discovering primary patterns found in every aspect of creation. Spinning rings of light i.e. Torus/vector equalibriam and the magnetic sphere et al. Look at the clip and decide for yourself. I put it on my FB. If true, this will likely be suppressed.

I'd rather be Whirling Dervish !! The clip is amazing and inspiring though !!

Any new technology will be manipulated and "owned" by armed force. This new technology if real, would threaten those invested in Carbon storage—the piggy bank for them. Who's power is threatened? ... like he says on the clip: follow the money. That reminds me of the RCA CEO ripping off the guy (i.e. out-maneuvering) that invented TV... he was on "What's my Secret show" in the 50's and that was his secret.... he didn't look mad only thin and riven—part of his prize was a carton of the show sponser's cigarettes. I wouldn't think that anyone would want to emulate this CEO guy: the look on his face a reflection of the hardness of his heart. But, I judge him not and can only try like everybody else, to emulate those with grace (as long as I don't forget).

A monopoly of influence. How can we respond docilely to the perpetuation of big money, big power, (and big 'worse')? and, the intellectual Trolls at the bridge entrances (CEO/BP...from Chris Hedges: "Death Of The Liberal Class). Unless those in power can exploit this emerging technology they will attempt to suppress it. So, true cancer cures are suppressed as being unexploitable?

Two personal things:

As an infant (2-3 years old).

I had a reoccurring dream just about every night that machines in the form of "truck" cranes etc. monsters would come to our house and devour my mother (I was born during WWII). Maybe I saw cement trucks at working outside I think. It was very stressful and the reoccurring dream affected me. The thing that is weird about it is that we expected them to come and in some painful way accepted it as fact — haunting really! and here it is tending to be true (Mom's 95 and fine —I pray) —(Mother Earth is struggling—and I pray).

Raindrops are unlikely to be blue.

As a 5-6 year old in the local kindergarten, we had a good time and I think learned how to read. I could certainly read in Gr. 1. The kindergarten teacher was well intentioned and for the most part was a good teacher. One day she asked us to draw a landscape of our neighborhood or something and oddly, told us to indicate raindrops as the color blue (it rained in Vancouver a lot). Something of a silent rebel i.e. seeker of painful truths, within me made me think about that and I realized that rain was not blue but really transparent and reflected the colors of it's surroundings So— what did I do: I colored (crayons) the rain yellow and brown and green and orange etc. I guess to symbolize that. Bless her heart and soul but the teacher asked all the kids in the little class to come and look at what a mistake I had made and basically shamed me for not painting the rain blue. My feelings at that moment were: I'm not really here... and it had no immediate effect on me. But, it made me think about that and of course I was right about that. How could rain be blue... of course it can I suppose if reflected by a patch of blue somewhere—we all know you need clouds for rain to happen or? We try to fight this with little acts of rebellion: giving to charity, and if possible, support to those who need it.

I still have a dream: Martin Luther King....

The dream is that we will all wake up to who we really are. Those who follow the so called "golden rule": 'them that has the gold makes the rules'—they can wake up to that fact also. That is a dream worth trying to fulfill. I just think it's great that we can see clips like "Thrive". Of course ever leery of being lied to, being ever gullible, still, I like what he is saying—he is brave and a truth seeker just by putting his thoughts out there is putting his life on the line while no doubt, perplexedly preturbing the brain waves of the (you know).

One last thought from Hariharananda: If you are absorbed in the workings of the mind, then emotions, judgements, dislike, and other negativities arise and are reflected back to you in people, nature, and the world. However, if you are constantly absorbed in the soul, then only love and goodness is reflected back. (Amen) !!


  1. This is a response from Heather Soles: (some problems putting messages on this Post a Comment block) Thank you Heather.

    Thank you, Charles, for sharing the clip THRIVE on your page. I think this is the most important 2 hours I have spent watching anything media related. I started it and realized I had to make time to watch it properly, so waited until this morning and watched the whole thing. There's a great song at the end, by the way.

    This guy is really putting it out there....his credibility, his time and research connections, and a whole whack of his money as the production values are great. It all makes perfect sense and brings together a lot of things I have read, felt and intuited over many years of spiritual exploration. The theories of universal harmony and torus equilibrium are beautiful as are many of the clips. I especially loved the part about crop circles and the cartouche style answer to the coded message beamed out into space 12 years earlier.

    The global conspiracy by the financial powers is so plausible, so horrifying, so truly the dark side, that it could easily paralyze viewers into a pit of despair...but Foster Gamble pulls it all together at the end of the film and presents a hopeful and positive course of action possible for us all. Interestingly, a few weeks ago I watched something Joani Taylor posted about 'Connecting the Dots...Why everything Financially Has Gone To S#!T' which completely explained the evil and devious banking cartels and made it very easy for me to understand 'THRIVE'. l
    Anyhow, wanted to take a mo to say thanks because this has profoundly affected me and I realize that when I retire from my college gig, I now have a cause to throw my energies into.

    Best regards,

  2. My response to H.Soles

    yeah Heather good goin'... sorry about the message thing visa vis the blog.. I'll ask about that... It's important to communicate and get this stuff out... NOW all I have to is to pay off my debt. it's a lot... but now we know, and we always did have an idea, where the money's going !! Time to build a smaller fire and huddle around it. Banks have you at their mercy... they can 'disappear' you from their rolls.. I'm reminded of the "Christmas" movie: It's a Great Life... good ol' Buildings a Loans vs the greedy self serving twisted other bank guy... sorry to be so vague... Not a bad idea... start a true union of banking credit. Keep up the good work... best wishes always !! You've got a very good take on the clip item there.

  3. One more daily missive from Hariharananda:

    A truly spiritual person neither hates nor praises. He or she is beyond it, because it is all the play of one consciousness.

  4. Stay positive. You are real !!
    some more from Swami Hariharananda:

    In work and in every step of your life, always feel that you are not you, but the imperishable soul, always free and always detached.

    Mar.12 2012

    The person with realization derives bliss in atma krida (sporting in the Self). He perceives the joy of seeing only the Self everywhere.

    Mar. 11 2012

    The person who is content within is a true yogi.

    Mar. 10

    A truly spiritual person neither hates nor praises. He or she is beyond it, because it is all the play of one consciousness.

  5. Thanks for sharing these teachings. Paths are many; truth is one. I was raised atheist but have developed a meditation practice over the past 10 years living w chronic pain and fatigue. Happy to meet a kindred spirit after many years away from hometown!

    1. You are welcome. May we be ever watchful to live and think like this.