Monday, 12 March 2012

Diminished Perspectives 5: Polarized Passing chords with Extensions

I thought it might be fun to do a little exploration of the (Bebop type scale) where there can be essentially 2 polar harmonic entities: 1) tonic 2) dominant. Chord extensions are also explored using the Diminished Whole/half scale. At the end of the pages I introduce a passing tone/chord with "polarized components" using Auxiliary Diminished with extensions. It's not totally thorough but will give those who want to or feel the need to work with this a point of departure for their own explorations of this topic. Please enjoy. Next x a few pages on dominant 7th and an application of stacked diminished (ii/i).


  1. I was reading through your blog. Good stuff. I have bookmarked it and will t hink about some of the good ideas you are expressing hee

  2. Thanks Bob....any suggestions welcome... Cheers,

  3. I tried these all out, even the one with the Awkward ! chord symbols. It's cool how they work like that.