Monday, 25 May 2015

Generic Shapes item 6: A New View Of Permutations of 4-Note GS.

Generic Shapes Item 6 is here just to point out the viewpoint of each GS from a single start. The five primary 4-note GS (A—E) x 6BP x 4R or to put it in long hand: The five Primary 4-note Generic Shapes (as discussed in the previous blogs) or GS (A—E) times 6 Basic Permutations (BP) times 4 Rotations (R) times 4 Staggered Starts (S) are presented with all 5 Primary GS (A: 1235, B: 1345, C: 1245, D: 1234, and E: 1357, from a single start (S).





4GSE:                     S1-R1    S1-R2    S1-R3   S1-R4   S2-R1    S2-R2    S2-R3   S2-R4

Dear reader, I hope you find this interesting. There is much more to explore of course and I'm continuing on to outline how this might be applied. Melodies like these GS can be acquired and re-fashioned into endless melodies with a fresh approach and yet retain the essence or foundation of the original. Lots to look here but working a few of these changing patterns into tunes is surprising fun.

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