Friday, 27 June 2014

EIJF: David Virelles Continuum then PJ Perry

Jazz Fest is such a big part of the creative music mentality and gives us an impulse that keeps our hunger for the groove, no matter narrow or wide to open our ears and minds to the value of music and in this case: Jazz and the Jazz Umbrella !! Now that some of the main events have come and left their high water mark on such a large audience. The jazz events at the Yardbird have been monumentally intense and deep in the broadness and depth of musicianship and committed sensibilities. Case in point: Last night a band from Cuba: David Virelles Continuum group. Such a great pianist and creative technique. This is what I told a friend about it in condensed form:

Cuban Creative Jazz Art Music... They were wonderful understandable avant guard - ish and so complex and so pure... They got a great response !! Ok the drummer was playing the most ecstatic vibe with a fast 8th note feel that always seemed to dangle and turn in itself... like the best tasting water coming out of a fountain for us to drink but never hold it in our hands . The music was so cohesive and sensible with stretched chords with voice leading and structured with motives that were not exactly tonal but !! did it ever work and work with conviction and grace !! Yeah.. the standing ovation was much deserved.. They emitted light !! Very high stuff !!

PJ Perry: I did have a pleasant evening at Brittany's with PJ Perry and band..Some of the sweetest music you're ever going to hear ... I'm hoping that PJ carries on with his gigs there, I will definitely support it with my heart (and my wallet  )

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