Monday, 23 June 2014

EIJF: Jim Head group

After the Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood concert I had the occasion to go to Britanny's Lounge just behind the Winspear and in time to hear some deep jazz from the Jim Head group. The great master musician Jim Head on guitar, Jamie Cooper on drums (solid), the great Josh McHan bass, and the legendary, Cambell River's gift to Edmonton jazz audiences: Chris Andrew who was playing a cool 'Suitcase Fender Rhodes'. They tossed off a few brilliant arrangements with engaging time feels (You and the Night and the Music in 7 !!!! It was so good hip and unaffected playing and included a jam ... Honorable mention has to go to Dan Davis on tenor who plays with the house band as if he absolutely belongs there !!! (very good music Dan !! )... I got to play one tune: with the band but with Efa Etorma {Enorma !!) on drums... and that was pretty special and a musical bonding experience that left me 'verklempt' as Bob Cairns would say !! Great night and a full house. How about a cheer for Brittany's and this great live music venue. PJ Perry is playing there on a regular basis.. Anytime that happens, I highly recommend that you don't miss it !! I'll see you there !!

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