Friday, 27 June 2014

EIJF: Magilla Funk

I did have cause to hear Brett Miles group: Magilla Funk !! who performed at Churchill Square on Tuesday. Brett Miles is a dedicated musical artist who over the years continues to create great music and grooves with a core group of Edmonton musicians who support Brett's musical/artistic endeavors with enthusiasm, gusto, and heart. Brett's themes are topical and biographical. The result is an organized group of people surrounding an unstoppable back beat infused with blues and jazz lines purposely written to enhance said back beat and musical themes. It sounds really good and it's fun and what with the high caliber of musicianship within the band, it is also definitely awesome, interesting, and totally worthwhile and uplifting, so Brett deserves a lot of credit for his continuing quest for his art. The band members are quite well known as top Edmonton professional musicians who get better and better. They are: Brett Miles (composition/tenor/keys, and vocals) the profoundly brilliant Bob Tildesly on trumpet, Audrey Ochoa on Trombone. (Audrey is a recording artist in her own right who dazzles and charms audiences throughout the country). Thom Golub on bass (Thom is a fine hard working composer a dedicated musician and family man who is an excellent string bass player as well), Dwayne Hyrnkiw drums and is the secret weapon of the band being a versatile percussionist artist as well. This band boast 3 guitarists !! No folks, this ain't country, it's funk jazz and we need all those guitarists to flesh out the texture of this mega group—its' a 'heavy' group (dating myself there  ). I have known these guitarists for a number of years and their growth has been wonderful to witness Greg Smith (funky guitar creative lines-feel good melodies), Jamie Philp (my former party band buddy, who, apart from being the nicest guy to know, is an ever evolving jazz player whose versatility never ceases to amaze me. And last but not least, Mo Lefever on guitar. Mo is a talented and committed player with a lot of unfailing depth that continues to emerge before our ears and eyes. Yes...!! this is a great group and Congratulations to Brett Miles (what a good name !! ) and the rest of the band !!

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