Monday, 23 January 2012

Hi All. What a week. Recording Studio, listening to the tracks, getting thoroughly inspired by (East) Indian music—their reworking of repeated phrases have an inspiring insistent quality. I went to the piano today and got a feel for it...also the drone that seems ever-emerging—All while I was trying to have a nap. Also doing some (hopefully minor) edits before the Book is being released with the new Amazing Cover (thanks and best wishes to the creator of this: my friend KCM).

Diet's going well: I celebrated (not by getting a full stomach) losing 20 pounds since I've started this quest. It's hard when everyone around you is eating like there's no tomorrow :) ... Especially at the Hockey game last night (G and I were there). I feel for those guys on the ice on our side. They were kind of DominateD and did have only a little fun. After goal after goal for "Calgary" went in—to a silent house, I said to G (after she stopped moaning about the indecisive play of the Oilers) "what they need is a break" and as soon as I said that: the oil scored there first goal (in the third period)..... We were sitting in the $100. per chair "nose bleed" section at the top. I'm thinking: this is a good investment !? ($600.00 for 3 games).... No wonder there's so much hype about this.... I don't know how people do it.... They must sacrifice something to be paying so much for it—after the expensive beer everybody's drinking–It's like THIS IS thee culture around here. I did have a revelation right there on the spot and felt like NO! NO! NO! spend ALL this money on the upward mobility of music and the arts. Hey I'm a fan but I see the business there and the incessant adds and delay of game for the TV spots. Am I becoming disillusioned? There's more to life there's more to like !! Go Oilers !! they're gonna have to have a team for the new expensive building: That had to be a heart breaker for sure. Enough Rant Chant !!

Happily, I've been listening to tracks I (solo piano again) that I did 9 years ago: I had a magic day that day. Now these present tracks seem to be more vertically inclined and feel the need to rework single line soloing too sometime—But it's a Change and not a Rest:) that seems to have happened. I wish now that I had recorded more back then but I'm happy to do it now.

Interestingly I had a pretty special experience on the 2nd day of recording. What with my "red light" fever (the tracks actually turned out pretty well) and all, my host D.O. brought his favorite family friend: Hector (he's part Jack-Russel Terrier). Now Hector is no fool and I suspected that he was only partially thrilled to be there. Hector is ALL soul: an Amazing guy for a dog. He's part demure and gentle and part Puss-in Boots from Shrek (it's in the eyes). Along with this he's is a little more than wary of me even though he was "at home" with D.O.... I immediately and purely instinctively grasped where Hector was at (a Heavy Dude) and started to talk to him like I'd talk to my brother, in plain language, I thanked him and spoke to him by name and was sincere in my gratitude for his presence there which was kind of: for me— to level or perhaps raise the vibe of calmness in the studio and I knew that. I then sat down on the same couch Hector was on at the other end and went about my stuff with D.O. and I'll be darned if Hector didn't come over to me and sit directly by me in a gesture that was one of acceptance and welcome. It was a blessing that I fully appreciated at the time and I think we became friends. I petted him and he accepted my gesture but, his demeanor did not change too much (he's a cool self-contained dude!). It was all a good thing and a good omen for the rest of the afternoon. Cool huh!

One of my major tasks at the moment is to read through my (Jazz Piano) book again and begin to learn that I have a lot to learn and relearn: it's good to perceive some structure so this is a win win situation. I hope to keep my intentions to keep the right attitude towards the purity of actual existence when I approach the piano. Still where to play.... I'm beginning to understand why many musicians get into recording—it's kind of an answer to keep the music going.

I'm reading a little more of Chris Hedges: "The Death Of The Liberal Class" who, he says have really stopped being Liberal per say and are more like rubber stamping the Conspiracy (note the word "piracy" is in there) of the Corporate "take over" and constant war !! —from the snobby view of their endowed "Liberalship." I may join a party (being 20 years younger would help) — NDP? Liberals maybe? Create something that communicates to all levels what's going on.... On the other hand: Say it with music —and the eternal vibe that is in all music Amen!

Cheers, All

Love and brightness of the light shining within, To Thee !!


  1. My grandfather used to take me to hockey games back in the Gretzky golden years. They could be a lot of fun, but gosh they're expensive now. Maybe they were then too, but I wasn't buying!

    Yeah Hector! Dogs are magical sometimes.

    You know, I bet you might find this talk (in town) by Tariq Ali interesting. I think he'd enjoy lunch with Chris Hedges.

    1. Yeah NTS..... I've seen Tarig Ali talking in the media and you're right—it would be nice to be a fly:) on the wall to hear that conversation.