Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I give me Red Light Fever"

Recording over at E. Studio, nice piano, very rich in color.. My warm up should have been recorded because I felt as free as a bird but, when it came time to record I hit myself with Red Light fever and kind of curled up like a mushroom with too much heat. So the result was a restricted one and not fully concentrated. Disappointing but revealing. Now what? The tunes were seemingly unfriendly even though the piano was gorgeous. I'm going to try it again but with this first experience under the belt, I've got to understand and figure out a solution for freer playing. I think I'm going to close the little window to the engineer and be more alone and try to forget about the "tape" rolling and of course to stay positive and meditative. I think I need to think before I get there about exactly what songs to record. Good idea. We recorded 15 songs in one evening including 2 takes on a couple. Next time I will try to deal with this problem before I get there.

EKOS choir: Yey !!... P. is hot on the trail of doing a New Orleans Show... which I'm looking forward to. There's some new tunes in my email and it looks like we'll be adapting a few arrangements with perhaps for the first time an original arrangement—That will be good: we're looking for a New Orleans associated swing tune. Of course this means that I will be earning my pay but that's an expectation of having this great job and relationship with all the people in EKOS.

KCM has created a creative interactive dimensional cover for my book: An Approach To Jazz Piano Ed. 4. It's a dark universe background with the cycle canted on a slant with lines and colors cleverly indicating through quadrangles a common progression: iim9 V13 V7alt IMa7....
The colors progress from Red (V7alt the most harmonic pressure and tendency i.e. "darker") to Yellow (V13 chord: a common extended dominant) to Green (Dmi9: indicating a milder tendency and finally Blue an expression of Tonic chord at rest in the cool Blue color).... It is just so perfect and informs and even intensifies the whole idea or thrust of the book's contents. The finishing touch is the little music notes from our piano lessons that have been put in the background to appear as stars far in the distance. To bring the eye to that V7(alt) chord a star-burst appears at the edge of the cycle... Too cool and so immaculate and deeply dimensional... I'm very proud to have this graphic presentation appear on the cover. The back page uses a similar back ground too... I think I'll set off a rocket !!

Things are going to get busy: gym/pool every day—we're on a quest to stick to our resolutions re glorious food ("we want more" — from the musical Oliver Twist)..... Anyways I've lost over 15 pounds and am still shrinking the stomach which helps: Just say no to Sugar/Bread/being full !! It's going to work I think. That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

In other news, Chris Hedges is suing Obama wow.... to bring to the news the rise of Corporate Fascism — for True.

Have a nice day all !!

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  1. You are amazing! You got every single thing in the little visual puzzle. Even the star notes. I'm so so happy you like it, and now I need to fuss with it to make it sure it prints properly.