Friday, 27 January 2012

Early music Alberta Concert Wonderful performance

'Went on the town tonight... didn't go to the jazz... but to an early music concert featuring a magnificent harpsichordist on a beautiful instrument. Now I've not been that exposed to Rameau—apparently he was quite a character if the picture of the bust featuring his focused demeanor is anything to go by. Rameau keyboard suites. Fantastic melodies and orchestral keyboard action along with these driving intense, and brilliant ornaments: they are beyond belief. Gilbert Martinez was the keyboardist—Truly amazing and realized this music with a great musical intensity that was absolutely stunning.

I'm inspired... maybe not to play Rameau but to put something like that kind of action into an improv. Truly brilliant and beyond my expectations. I will download some Rameau sooner than later...The concert also featured Josephine van Lier on a "Gamba" type cello-like instrument and both played very well; with no music to read from I might add. The whole concert was all from a very confident, musical all—entirely from memory... So many notes.. Very impressive. The last piece was also very entertaining and fun. He had a great time and even got the very "keep it to yourself" kind of "no standing ovation allowed" crowd. They were most appreciative. This was a worthwhile venture. I just couldn't go to the yardbird Suite Jazz after that. One really had to listen to hear what what going on in the keyboard playing because it was very rich and complex and yet excitingly charming: played with great conviction.

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