Thursday, 12 January 2012

Oh boy!! someone noticed I had a blog !! Ok carrying on.
I've recently been getting into an author/journalist: Chris Hedges. What an eye opener. There is a 3 hour video interview which is very compelling. I was so impressed (and still am) that I purchased 3 of his books (he has written at least 12 books). It's a clear but dismayed and yet neutrally stated view of the reality of the change in America re: the Corporate Coup the has been enacted upon the US population in general. A very vitally interesting read. I try to spread the word of this brilliant and humble man. The book is a slow pithy read for me as I want to absorb this brilliant descriptive (new genre) of "Tell All" book. Every one, especially those in elected positions should be reading and taking this in. The truth is revealed: The Democratic process has been surreptitiously usurped by the endless flow/wash of cash which has corrupted and "hollowed out" by special interest groups i.e. corporations, who are often more powerful than the nation itself. "They" will abuse this freedom until it collapses.. .... The book I'm reading is called: The Death of The Liberal Class. A scathing look at the reasons for the decline and the gradual selling out of the free process of elections. Elected officials are all on the take. ...

And on a lighter and much happier note, I visited my Mother who seems to be on the rebound from a recent leak in her apartment. She's a very young 95.... I hung out for a few days just talking to her and doing the dishes and meals ... when she let me... I had to insist most of the time. On the last day I took a train/bus combinational trip to UBC music and got there just in time for a splendid piano concert (unplanned) and I was thoroughly entertained, refreshed and definitely inspired by this concert by a "junior professor" Ryo Yanagitani. He played magnificently: Beethoven op. 101 (Amajor) sonata, Chopin Scherzo in C#minor (I had played that very one when I was there) and Schumann's Arabesque along with a stunning piece written for the Calgary Classical Music Fest. Ryo played it like he owned it ... quite "bravura" and was extremely satisfying to his audience. A standing ovation was in order. Not bad for a serendipitous happening.

Today I worked with some students at RDC and got a taste of the clinic on the spot. It went well I presume.

I've been working with my piano lesson person: KCM who proceeded to do an insightful analysis of how tritones are a compelling force in a myriad of ways. Very straight forward and low key but truthful and useful, not to mention (place superlative here) !! I'm looking forward to all KCM's thoughts to come together in a stunning ability to be able to perform with an unshakable conviction. I'm thinking that there may just be some levitation (actual) involved. I'm hoping that I'm able to witness that eventuality !! I'm going to practise more because of these inspirations and apply myself to keeping my mind open to the exploration of the connected musical systems et al and to most of all to be humble. Music truly keeps folks humble I have come to realize (also a work in progress). It does come through one, and all one can do is be grateful and ready to serve the moment in a deeper and ever deepening joy... Amen.


  1. I got a bunch of his books too. I'm reading Empire of Illusion, which if nothing else is a fascinating intro to pop culture for a non-tv-owner like myself. Actually there are entire paragraphs in the book that he spoke verbatim during that youtube interview.

  2. Very cool... that's my next book to read after I get through this one...