Thursday, 26 January 2012

Keeping track (s)

The tracks are: the more I listen to them, played quite spontaneously and really swing in spite of the rubato playing— it all makes sense to me (a couple of grey areas in certain tracks not with standing). It's actually for the most part quite gentle but complexity is always subtly just a moment away and it gets built in quite quickly when I'm trying to save myself and the wave of feel and thought continues and crests away. There's a couple of tracks that get kind of gospelly and I'm hoping that they don't take over the CD as it's really only a portion of what's happening in the "CD".

The piano sound is quite gorgeous at least on through my new headset. I'm going to let D. O. hear them through this headset and see what he thinks. It's kind of the ideal for me.

So I'm getting happy with a lot of this recorded material. Hopefully more than just myself and my Mom will hear it.

Of course I had an epiphany today or over the last couple of days. The word and the global meaning of the word "Ephemeral" as contrasting with Thee word: "Eternal". So much of my life is and has been lived on the former level—there have been times I confess that I have thought that the ephemeral was all there was (not deep down though). Ephemeral perhaps is taking something for granted when it is actually transient: short lived, temporary—maybe it's an attitude or an (here's a word for you) "ignoritude". Life in this lane has proved folly time and time again and it's something that many good good people are very serious about: going and acting beyond the seemingly obvious. Think Eternally my friend (to misquote Bruce Lee, who wisely said: "Be water my friend" (put it in context :) that way is the way (as all of you know, as I preach to the choir) to wisdom and peace, and ALL Good !!— Amen !! I will again confess that I received this email message via my Guru conection (Autobiography of A Yogi —Paramahansa Yogananda/Hariharanda) from Shri Lahiri Mahasay: Ephemeral love is not real love, eternal love is NECESSARY (how about another "Amen"). This is helpful to me.

Other topics in this vein:
Attachment is an obstacle. If there is no attachment, then there is no obstacle - Shri Lahiri Mahasay.

I haven't got back to Chris Hedges but when I see a glimpse of the Repuplican debate on TV I know that he is a worthy read and a worthy heed !!


  1. Are you going to post one of those tracks here? Or maybe a part of one? Or do we have to wait for the CD :)

    I got bored by Death of the Liberal Class, so I ditched it, but am enjoying The World As It Is so far (well, enjoying is maybe not the right word for such a depressing book, but still reading it anyway).

  2. yeah Death of the Liberal class is a one paragraph per sitting for me... I always come away quite furious after that and can't function with it further: wait to the next time. I may get through it all — thank goodness for my book mark.

    Posting tracks etc.. I'm useless and don't have any idea how to post these but will try to find out.

    There is another message re: Austinato blog from the CAjazz site which gives a set of instructions that I'm afraid or refrain from following directions and terms I don't know. But will find out I hope and get that link up there..

  3. Ok, I emailed about posting tracks etc.