Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Thriving on: perspectives.

The Thrive video. There would be a modicum of disbelief, re the technology evolution: Torus et al from the Thrive video. It was taken off Face Book per say but was still available in fragments on You Tube. The skepticism would focus mainly on the unproven concepts outlined: free energy and extra-terrestrials and so on. At first I thought it might be an "ahHah" moment but apparently it was taken off by the company that created the video in the first place. I guess they're trying to get a wave of feeling going on this topic. Selling it in order to promote the ideas to groups of people. Very interesting—high production values makes some question: Just get the point out etc. Although it is slightly suspicious that it has come under extreme attacks again on You Tube.

Most I've talked to about this video message, do indeed agree on the banking monopoly news if not the technology side—still it is tantalizing. Maybe that's not such news after all: there was this other video going around called Connect The Dots On You Tube. In this one we have a gentleman who tries to project this weighty topic re finances/incorporation of currency with connections directly to inflation. The poor man sort of giggles nervously while spelling out the raging inferno of the decline of value and worth of labor i.e. intentional inflation by the a collusion of Government (income tax initiated in 1913) and private banks. It's a very good clip. My comment on his delivery style is merely that he would rather laugh than cry—in his astonishment and disbelief that this could be happening !! It does tell it like it is though.

So the passion remains steady. My friend and long time philosophical mentor, Bob T. from Vancouver really summed it up by saying the bottom line should be based on two things: Equality and Justice !! We all continue to hope for, and try to contribute to those very things. This involves the truth of course, which will come out. It also involves fair play and good intentions. Something I continue to humbly learn more about.

The # R's:

How do you like this: my new 3 R's (not readin' 'riitin' and 'rithmetic) as applied mutually to life and to people in general: (Thought up while driving home from choir night)

Respect, Responsibility, and Reverence.

On with the Music !!


  1. (I suppose Remorse, Repentence, and Redemption are subsumed).

  2. Reflection, Recognition, and Restoration.

    surfaced from somewhere.

  3. Too Not too Square (at all)...I like your 3 R's as much or more than the ones that had come into my brain and of course Reflection, Recognition and Restoration are like a synonym sentence of the above with the implications of pain in judgement residing in Remorse, Repentance, and Redemption: refined or reduced to words of healing and fact.

    However I like the first idea for the 3 R's Respect, Responsibility, and Reverence.... inspiring

  4. Do I dare admit that I like that guy's chortle? It makes him very endearing and cracks me up. Also what he's got to say is interesting. I was meaning to figure out what the context was for where he was delivering that talk in the first place. It was twenty years ago I think...

  5. Good call NTS..I like it too.... it's really a way for him to communicate the seriousness and ridiculousness of the fact. Cool Dude !