Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Life in Time

Monday, I played for a friend's funeral (Bryan Foster).

This makes one contemplate about all that's going on. The reading I've been doing (Chris Hedges' "Death Of The Liberal Class")... makes one very introspective and even introverted, not that I don't appreciate deeply everyone I know. One feels the need to address any personal issues while proceeding in this life. Someone just asked me how I was doing and I replied:

"'can't complain... it's all amazing and tragic and scary and beautiful all at once... I'm seeking the inner's seeking me...pulling me, goading me, but not abandoning me. Forgive me I think it's the books I'm reading (not enough).... Played for a friend's funeral the other the St. Joseph's Basilica on 13th and Jasper.. a very timeless experience... the piano a Steinway grand) was wonderful... I could've played all day... but played to my friend and his family..very sad.... 62/cancer... 5 year fight ...suffering badly at the end. ... A really interesting and wise guy... very musical... I should've hung with him more... we were on the road together in the early days...So it has me thinking, for one thing, about the feeling of being in that huge tall cathedral-like church... the feeling of quiet and devoted respect... a very fine young priest... I may convert yet.... I will at least go there sometime: where other people respect and sincerely pray to Holy God....I was deeply moved and won't forget it ... I think I will go back and just sit there myself and contemplate...

Monday played for a friend's funeral—and juxtapose that with some tragic video footage about the most meaningless of meaninglessness actions of an African Despot (Joseph Koni) engaged in the worst disregard for human life and human suffering as he synonymously lends his very name to Atrocity. There is some action against this man but he has yet to be brought to task although there is more of a concentrated effort to find him. Judge the act and not the abysmally deluded man I remind myself. As Chris Hedges says that violence leaves one in a moral VOID !! Judgement serves all.

On a lighter note. I've discovered my piano records very well and has great qualities. A friend dropped by to record some tracks for a demo they are creating and thanks to the lap top ... he recorded me playing to his background tracks. The nice thing about it is that he was genuinely delighted and I found that inspiring— in a way and was able to seek the introversion and the surrender to real feeling, suspending my angst, nerves, and ego to get the reward of a truly deep feel for the groove which seemed to simultaneously refine the chord changes/voicings, tone, and musicality in general —even in the key of "E". So that was a great experience. I liked it so much that I'm hopping to have him over to record a few things of my own. Somehow it's about chemistry. I felt relaxed, and motivated and really took my time to let the beautiful sound of my piano linger and gel into the moment.

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  1. "amazing and tragic and scary and beautiful all at once"... indeed!