Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ode to: Oops I did it again..

I like the song, it has that interesting tritone leap to an interesting chord change for a pop tune.
Then there is the lyric: I'm basically commenting on that in the dreaded poetic form (sorry in advance).

Ode to Oops I did it again…(Brittany)

The song speaks of matters of the mind (heart and soul). Therein lies a shallowness of the intention in the heart/mind that is revealed…. for some it seems popular to ridicule this song and the intent of the lyrics… Stepping back from that, one can be sympathetic and realize that the inattention to the intent of the moment happens more often than one might realize….. considering:

That we are

a part of

the infinity

of time and

eternal consciousness

and in a moment

we give that away.

without seemingly


but we do know

but we do forget


that we can know:

will know;

Distractions attraction:


amounts to insolence

to one’s own


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