Thursday, 1 March 2012

listenism ..

Music day... listened to some nice tracks that came my way by facebook.

'Got almost talked into purchasing an ipad re music storage with instant access for gigs etc... rather than all those books... Picked up a couple of gigs with Dino D. (Nolas Mar. 28/29 early show) who uses the ipad and of course has all his many things on there. Now if I could only read !! Apparently they are back-lit and are fairly easy on the eyes. It might be a good idea for gigs.. but for rehearsing/practising and developing arrangements on the fly might be less than productive than quickly pensiling in a cool sounding chord change that you just thought of. I probably will go the way of the ipad eventually... $900.00 is not small change so I better be gettin' a lot of gigs I guess (ihope).

A friend came for a "lesson" today re what does the "Book" (AATJP) say there? (he's got it)... that was fun for me too to work with an advanced person/player. Needless to say he had an ipad as well and had my book on file right there.. We still read from the copy that I have however.. but the ipad does look practical if not downright time consuming (is my fear).

I wanted to review the diminished chord function thing visa-vis extensions, function, and slash chord potential. I'll write more on that tomorrow.

Man! I've been reading Chris Hedges continuing on — he is so scathing at the corporate/governance with his concern for the working men and women and really outlines from his deep deep coverage of political events.

Here's a sample from "The Death Of The Liberal Class": To set this up he refers to a FedEx worker/driver (HENDERSON) who was hurt very badly in an accident while working for that company (not his fault or doing)... and was subsequently abandoned and shed piecemeal from this company."

"Our destitute working class now understands that the cloying feel-your-pain-language of the liberal class is a lie. The liberal class is not attempting to prevent wages from sinking, unemployment from mounting, foreclosures from ripping apart communities, or jobs from being exported. The gap between a stark reality and the happy illusions peddled by smarmy television news personalities, fatuous academic and financial experts, oily bureaucrats and politicians, is becoming too wide to ignore. Those cast aside are often willing to listen to anyone, no matter how buffoonish or ignorant, who promises that the parasites and courtiers who serve the corporate state will Disappear. Right-wing rage is becoming synonymous with right-wing populism."

"Obama, seduced by power and prestige, is more interested in courting the corporate rich than in saving the disenfranchised. Asked to name a business executive he admires, the president cited Frederick Smith. of FedEx, although Smith. is a union-busting Republican. Smith, who was a member of Yale's secret Skull and Bones Society along with G W Bush and John Kerry ........ Smith is rich and powerful, but there is no ethical system, religious or secular, that would hold him up as a man worthy of emulation. Such men build fortunes and little monuments to themselves off the pain and suffering of people like Henderson."

Chris Hedges is a brave, concerned and humble man who is deeply literate and knowledgeable. He's not just my hero d'jour but a true stalwart and tells it like it is. I seem to see it all around on the TV... Alberta's groovin' OK and the unions are not "busted" here so much ?? but the money pressure is definitely on. I can't say I know so much about that but there are social problems that can get very personal in a heartbeat. In fact the lack of skilled workers might slow things down too.... We DO hope for the best for everyone though (now even) Yeah !!


  1. You could easily get a used/refurbished 16G WIFI iPad for $300 or so. Unless you were planning to keep movies on it, that would be plenty of space (like 3000 songs). No camera, but you're not using it as a camera. Will email link.

  2. The alternative to Liberals and original liberal thinking now that they (liberals) are for a long time in the death throes is?..... Man... I'm reading on... Chris Hedges.... the turfing of worker union ... busted through the elected government officials who have become basically paid employees of Corporations. The result is a tendency to disenfranchise the 90 % or 99% of the rest of us.... We become serfs in the emerging re-enslavement of workers and small companies.... The playing field has to be evened out... The power has been given away. The good fortune of the past was built on the sacrifices and even lives of those who fought for a just society... Their sacrifices have been redacted and lost. What's next... ? Hope is where there is life.... Things may reach critical mass when the oceans start raising a foot every decade... That will be real !! emotional and intense. !!