Sunday, 4 March 2012

This Music: Melody That Is—Chris Gestrin Trio

I wrote this word-piece after a couple of hearings of Chris Gestrin's trio album: Melody That Is. It's the title track.

I was in Vancouver about 2 summers ago and heard Chris sit in one of the fabulous jam sessions at O'Doul's on Robson St.... I had a chance to play a tune with Mike Allen's simultaneously stunning and reassuring rhythm section (Julian MacDonough-drums). and Adam Thomas on Bass). I had a revelatory time —really comfortable as I played a tune I knew fairly well: Embraceable... They didn't know it but let me play the changes a time or 2 and leaped in and ecstasy followed. Before I knew it, it was over.

But I digress. (My apologies to Chris Gestrin)

Chris Gestrin was there and sat in on the session and did about a 3 second casual piano warm up that was so sleek, musical, breathtaking on a miniature scale—he has a touch-less touch, if you know what I mean. That got my attention!

I had met him a couple of times before and had his original recording of quartet with tenor sax entitled: Times That Do Not Belong To Us...It's Impeccable, beautiful, spiritual, meditational and moving —not to mention swingin'... all original material. It's a stunning album and I highly recommend it (I had talked to him about it and he was considering re-releasing it).

His manner in person is an understated projection of clarity—in his thinking and talking. As a matter of fact he reminds me of all people: Glenn Gould. A very deft and to-the-point thinker. He is well known as a B3 Hammond player which reflects his funkier bluesy side. You can hear Chris Gestrin and his B3 on a recently released album "The Maverick" by the Edmonton wunderkind saxophonist Jerrold D. to get a pretty good idea of what Chris does there (I own and enjoy a copy).

I have most of Chris Gestrin's albums and this particular track caught my ear and resonated in the mind. So, being inspired as I am impressed I decided to put it down in this form... Dear reader, thank you for bearing with me.

This Music:

(For Chris Gestrin’s Trio recording: featuring Andre Lachance, Dylan Van Der Schyff)

“Melody That Is”

This Music, like spiritual glue, binds

vertical/horizontal dimensions to the Heart


fractality, a continuing event-

horizon superimposed

In the now, the nowness

Of the ever-present.

Fracticallity evolving involvement involving

urgency in the play of vibration

ever an evocation ever true

intelligence in the perfect

means of golden means detail

informs the broader form: informing-synchronicity

generates a continual flow

of proof, proving pure intention

and informed moving touch

moving dimensions

from place to place in place

in a naturally natural

committed dance of pure


a complimentary issuance of beauty.

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