Wednesday, 1 February 2012


C.L's memorial service was yesterday. 'Nary a dry eye in the house. A much cared for and respected man was he. The memory of him will continue to inform and gladden hearts of those who knew him and those who speak of him to others. He lived with utmost patience, thought, deliberation, and thoroughness and most of all generosity. We are all saddened by his far to early demise. Personally I was really getting to know him more and more in the final months of his life and of course at the service more and more aspects of the man were revealed. There are all these pictures of him smiling in various settings.... I hope a smiling picture of myself can be found when the time comes.... Maybe I should smile more (... :)... not with standing).

The most gratifying thing was to see people there (former students and musician friends from the past).... It was an intense day. There was quite a lot of different genres of music played in tribute. It was a great task to rise to. Before I played, I spoke of playing for C.L. in the final months saying (with concurrent indications from the players) that he was possibly the best audience anyone could play for on any level.

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