Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jennifer Scott and EKOS

It was so great working and talking to my Heart—On—My—Sleeve—Hero: Jennifer Scott. Such an intellect and heart—a rare person who I learned so much from over the years. She is divine and to finally have a little conversation with Jennifer was wonderful. She is a very generous person who everybody loves— a fountain of wisdom !! She's a compelling composer/lyricist really musically interesting songs in every way. With EKOS she gave so many ideas and has a way of being really inclusive and with a depth of understanding of the human mind. Her workshop was truly a work of art.

We had a great party on Friday Saturday night at DG's place — wonderful to interact with her and be inspired by her presence. I played a little piano for her and then she played and sang also ... a real treat to watch someone perform almost as a lesson demonstration: very cool... They twisted my rubber arm to sing also... as someone said: always interesting. She was very well received by the choir and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have a new lease on swing and improv and jazz in general. So this is a highlight in my career with my favorite choir: EKOS. She's on itunes everyone... her albums from the first album to the present are so full of musical excellence, expression, intellect, and heart heart Heart !! I listen to them quite often —she's a fav !! I hope to catch her and husband Rene Worst live in Vancouver the next time I visit.

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