Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bliss Hunt

Yeah music. Concentration in the studio — targeting bliss and having it land in the musical moment. Preparation minimalist.

OK a big one is getting/having confidence in being able to play what one hears internally: I'm thinking just working with intervals and sing/play different intervals in different contexts. There are many contexts: in a major chord and in every possible harmonic context eg: Perfect 4th (or any interval)— sing play in any harmonic context. Then other intervals sung/played up and down etc. Solfege (Solfa -movable Doh) is very helpful. Ultimately playing tunes in keys always warms up my intervalic ability. This is something one needs to do on a regular basis.

Hearing specifically like that is critical to having any confidence when improvising with any sort of conviction or imagination.—Sometimes the most obvious choice may be right or too obvious and predictable. That brings to mind good ol' chord-tone substitution 9 for 1, 13 for 5 etc. This sort of knowledge ahead of time will help to facilitate interesting and right choices (simultaneously) at the same time. :) They still should be heard or "pre-heard" for the best success — that is always a challenge but it's good to do that: it makes the "ear" (neurons) stronger. Having the fingers do the talking is part of the phenomenon but listening ahead will strengthen the ear I think.

I was just listening to Bud Powell's take on "A Night In Tunisia" ... it is so bold and full of vitality... Man! and his solo break ('gotta lift that one). Right there is a good way to spend time listening to bits and absorbing the life in it. I highly recommend a listen (yay itunes etc. !)

Time feel:

What I'm looking for is something that is deeply solid enough that I can suspend any kind of connective figure over it and then confirm the time with a solid comp or shot that may also utilize the decaying nature of held chords or notes on the piano. Again it takes a form of surrender to do this. It's like there's really only one way to make this satisfaction/fulfillment happen—Full Embrace—I think might describe it. Sometime one has to play for one's self alone—not in the selfish sense but in an expression towards the eternal truth. That would be music worth listening to. This does take work and sticking to the "plan" for a while. I think planned practise is necessary but one needs to attempt playing freely.


played jazz or music takes an immense concentration that is needed to connect the ideas which might take it beyond random noise. There needs to be structure (I keep saying to myself)... perhaps balance that, with being open to the 'gifts' that fall into one's musical mind — I try to keep the mind open for those events while balancing whatever formal forces are in play.

'Love those moments of musical liberation when the concentration/joy is (more or less) complete. It can be done.... speaking of which: I heard someone fantastically playing the Sibelius violin concerto on CBC radio 2.... talk about expressive commitment... the melodies and the violin absolutely talked and drew the audience right in ... really an extraordinary moment in my day.... I'm gonna look that up...

Quote for the day (made up)

Those blessed with good fortune: responsibility weighs ........

Forgive the indulgence: always self directed.

Cheers, all !!!!!


  1. Listening to Renee Rosnes/Bill Charlap..."Double Portrat album 2 pianos... very musical... great technique... stunning stuff.

    Bill Evans Swings a little uncharacteristically in Quintessance with Philly Joe Joe on Drums.. with Jim Hall too.

  2. This was good to read. Good for perspective realignment.

  3. Yeah I looked up the Sibelius Violin Concertro played on Tempo (Julie Nesrella). Violinist: Vilde Frang conductor: Thomas Sondergard, Orchestra: WDR Sinfonieorchester Koln

    EMI 50999 6 84413 2 6

    Probably not on itunes... I'm going to check. it is there.... I'm down loading it.. !! Prokofiev concerto is there as well..

  4. This young woman : Vilde is thee most commited artist in performance .. she's on you tube...

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  7. Time feel and form are also connected. Hearing or feeling time in perhaps a singular impetus ... hearing basic subdivisions et al is required but feeling a bar.. 4 bars 8s 32s ... That way the improv or arranging one does with truly have integrity.

    Free playing with others is a true challenge too... what are they playing? : some concentrated ear magic would be useful then.