Sunday, 5 February 2012

Nola's gigs no less.

Nola's gigs no less. "Working" at Nola's. It's like an imaginary place but, it's for real enough for jazz et al. People just hang around after supper and love to talk over/under the live bands that play there. I think they like the idea of being able to talk through the music — it's like a party and the musicians are in the background having fun and playing their hearts out. So there's a potential scene there. The folks who are there don't strike as being Yardbird Suiters but seem to dig the music anyways and it's not Rock and Roll all the time. Dixie type jazz, bebop, jazz fusion, folk fusion. Musicians need some place to play so long may it continue. I played with Dino D. (his gig) Tenor and Greg D. on bass. Basically "real" booking it. It seemed to come off OK and was fun and challenging (no drums) but it went pretty steady all through the night.... some person came on to the stage at the end and gave us all a congratulatory hug and said that her 2 boys were playing the piano.... it's only a little club (on the edge' of town) but here we were being pleased enough with ourselves. Will it last?... We live well—for the moment. It was fun even if it was a trifle loud (whazhatusay). I will be wearing earplugs for a time to try to recoup the expected hearing loss. We did an unexpected duo today Sunday for which we had a devoted audience of about 8-9 people. They loved us bless their hearts. We played softer today and the musical rewards were increased up in the quantum leap area. It was a good way to end the weekend. It's all very inspiring—whenever I play 2-3 gigs in a row it feels like being a real musician with confidence and skill/solos that emerge that didn't seem to be there before.... Maybe its due to the fact that my little yamaha P85 is just a tad light in the key weight department. With the addition of dynamics there is a whole other world of expression, lines, confidence, fun and a little more involvement with self esteem (ah steam !) Yey !


To change the subject: the topic of reincarnation has been brought to my attention via Yogananda of the Biography of a Yogi (a recommended read for anyone—especially anyone involved with the arts and that can be literally anyone). A little passage here brings to light the potential for erroneous thinking in that this life has to be used up in the pursuit of physical pursuits etc. This may suffice for now.

" The early Christian church accepted the doctrine of reincarnation, which was expounded by the Gnostics and by numerous church fathers, ..... The (this) doctrine was first declared a heresy in A.D. 533 by the Second Council of Constantinople—in order to encourage man to strive for immediate salvation (point well taken enough). But truths suppressed lead disconcertingly to a host of errors. The millions have Not utilized their "one lifetime" to (not so much) seek God, but to enjoy this world — so uniquely won, and so shortly to be forever lost! The truth is that man reincarnates on earth until he has consciously regained his status as a son of God.

It just gives me food for thought and to be more earnest (hopefully Not "inept") in the quest for realization. Duty done will reap rewards of perhaps some other kind of good chance. Otherwise who knows? The magic is in preparation and willingness to look inward. Sorry for preaching to the choir but it's really self directed.

Face book issues: on MOX TV... privatization of jails (what a thought)—incarceration for profit— supposed to save the state money... according to the records of the fact: it indeed does Not save the state money...It's reminiscent of Chris Hedge's (The death of the Liberal Class pp 51) observation of the privatization of the Afghan war. There's nothing for the troops to do.... this "privatization" is still bottom-lined by the US state !! War is hell !! Prison is from Hell !!

In lighter news: The Oilers redeemed via an 8 point brilliant play by Sam Gagner ... Wee were there: G. and I. It almost felt like the Gretzy years there for a brilliant moment of play. The game did generate some much needed esteem amongst the jubilant fans. I was happy too.

Fell off the diet a little: all about nursing my split 4th fingertip don't y'know. I think I need the occasional relief from the extreme speed of losing weight: 25 pounds in a month and a half. Now I have to get back to it split fingertip and all... it's a little sore even through the bandaids.

Gotta transcribe Jambalaya for EKOS then listen to those tracks, then practise, then start editing and working on Book 2... I hope I don't have to have another 30 years of experience to write it. Geeeeeee this IS Fun after all..

Keep up the good fight All.... I will remember to remember to do the same.


  1. Nola gigs no less —feedback: apparently Nola's had started a policy re musicians get the door donation. Which is no fun and a good way to lose friends. Here is a response from a FB friend who had this proposal given. Apparently there's been a reversal which I hope is true.

    Here's my response:

    Darn ! I guess I'm not really up on all that. I've heard this was the case. Somehow they honored a previous contract... in my delusion I guess I figured this is the way it is. We did get paid but I guess from what you're saying: thats the end of that. It wouldn't be the first time that's happened to a club and I'm sorry that is the case—especially in your case. I think they didn't think the thing through anyways. Very poorly managed at least as far as music costs were concerned. They overbuilt that. I think a far better plan would have been to start with smaller groups etc. and see what kind of business that generates. But now their necks are stiff because they've lost a lot of money... they couldn't do the math?.... I'm sorry that you got that kind of treatment but I guess it's going to be like that and no one will work there after they run out of friends (of course we're not going to do that to our friends — we need our friends). Maybe a little advertising might have helped.... But people have come and do sit through the music and seem to like it.. so some business is being generated anyways. There must be a better way than the one they're proposing for their music "workers"

    As I said: it looks like that policy has been reversed and the management has decided to continue with their original policy at least for a while. They have adjusted their pay a little to be more in line with what other venues might pay. Still I hope it continues. It's great to have a place to play.

  2. About reincarnation... I think it would take lifetimes to learn what we need to learn. That's why I'm in favor of it.

    Privatization of jails... don't get me started!

    Earnest & inept... why do I keep hearing these words together?

    Would that be 'Autobiography of a Yogi'? - I remember looking at a copy of that one.

  3. Geoff I concur re reincarnation for exactly the same reasons as you....

    yes the one and only Autobiography of a Yogi. I recommend it over most other books.

    You caught my Earnest and Inept association :)