Thursday, 2 February 2012

I must Be dreaming !!

  1. No inner voice-narrative in one's head is an awesome goal. Any expression therefore comes (I think, I try, I hope) from a profound, deep, and Necessary place (space) within.
    I think it's good to "dream" music and analyze it at the same time—it's an exercise that is probably easier to say than do. If you dream on a tune or set of changes you Know, it is certainly doable and "allowed". Not independent of you—Yes.
    (my Mom used to say with great conviction and persuasion: "It's about the music"). Cool.
    Someone asked me: What do you mean "dream on a tune"? Do you mean that literally? Or metaphorically? (also stating: "Music has the agency")
    Dream on a Tune —sounds like a good song title !! When dreaming, truly one is involved in the dream and I guess that's what I'm talking about. It's about imagination but it's an involvement in imagination to the point (nearly to the point) of pure surrender to the feel of the time, the soaring harmony, and melody. Meter lives here. You can create a world of joy and celebration within the mind: T.Monk: "You got to dig it to dig it. You Dig"? It is definitely within our reach. Maybe it's enjoyment becoming passion out of the silence that surrounds the very pivot point of the mind. Even music that is heard from without is heard, felt, involved and centered really in that same point. I experienced this one time playing a gig with the Edmonton symphony—it was a great moment for me. I heard the entire orchestra this way and responded (I was sitting by the conductor and right in the center of the orchestra)—I felt it profoundly and the conductor (of the Bob McGrath show) came up to me and shook my hand and thanked me profusely at the end of the show for no special reason except I think he liked the involment: very gratifying. It was amazing !!
    I think it is because I "dreamed" it. It became ultra real (I managed to survive the celeste part quite well too). Maybe the dream "metaphor" flavors the reality and virtually becomes the reality.... Some may think that's fuzzy thinking but what is important enough is the result. The communication of that immersion-in-conviction result.
    Someone's (a friend) further observation re improv: "It's more like a feeling of being satisfied with what happens, or unsatisfied, and acting on that."
    This is good. Sometimes the more obvious solution is the most boring one and being unsatisfied with that and pre-empting that with something that is more surprising but right and pleasing is a goal I sometime seek and sometimes need to seek (for sure). It's a good idea to remember the balance in all this. Good ol' Unity/Variety concept and the cultivation of judgement to know when and how to manipulate this for the most inspired result.

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