Sunday, 12 February 2012

Temptation Aspect in Poetic-like form

I did this some time ago and when I re-read and re-understand this piece it's seems to somewhat re-enlighten. So here goes: Sorry it's a bit of a read that's not all negative and hopefully comes out as positive and hopeful.

Temptation Aspect Explorer


The almost imperceptible slide into acquiescence:

Vanity from a perception of creative present stability,

deluded dreamer dreaming

imagined greater repose

in ignored (ignoranted) self glorification:

supposed beauty from the outside ungracious ego

feeding an ungraciousness

that is emolliated almost instantly

against reality’s truth-light

truth of Thee Source

false desire is quickly met

with instant gratification’s wage

in half-life’s half-sleep

Temptation and Vanity:

A slope which imperceptibly,

to the possession of impervious, mind keeper gets suddenly steeper.

Way out of temptation:

Suddenly the truth is found,

Joy is required

it’s there with a

flash of humor, a flash

of realization:

Humility! is required.

Truth and

purer intention regain

attention’s commitment

keeping a saved goal in mind.


Vanity takes a bow and comes up empty handed yet heavy handed

unsettled nothingness.

A fitful sleep in which

The pain is felt too late

intension lost is suffering’s

extension-ing most in narcistic

Lessons learn hard ways

only to return with a layer

of understanding repeating

that same lesson again ‘till understood

Where’s the glory now

Glorify the good, the truth.

Truth is Good

Life is Good

Loving-intent is Glorious

Temptation and context:

Without genuine intention

(miraculous) eyes have it

connected vitally to the

mind post.

Mind deposits

Posited, twisting and

imagining at the speed of light:

images that travel created

flying in the brain medium (brainium)

alighting instantly felt

through the universal body

universal in

Thee Devine Mind

where it rests instantly in the records

of the past

serving to inform via

the mysterious life.

Truth in Grace:

as Nearly-infinite parallel lines

not being infinitely perfect,

like music beats, incorrect alignment of subdivisions

Cross (intersect) and are felt by the


of those lines, as pain, how-ever subtle.

Temptation of the Flesh:

whether real or seriously


Is ultimately

attachment: ultimately a wrath,

compounds that crossing,

inflicting the

wounds of willfulness

on the whole body of

Thee Universe

including all players,

beings being touched

by thoughts as action

or willful-woeful intension’s intrusion

Bringing to life (light) the

need for the awareness:


to the Whole Body

that this Whole

Body (the Body Of Christ)

suffers less though still informed

personally suffering, personally felt.

Imitation’s Limitations:

Responsibility is Job One

Heart is Job One

an Admirable Heart is Job One

Meditate on the One Love

Universal Love

Takes practise, practise, practise.

and Constant intent.


(Scatman John says: “Get Over Yourself”)

Constancy and intention and



send the true message.

Temptation covers identification with

feats featured and claimed in the

silent unnamed but now named: “I”

There is Vanity even in the light of superior knowledge

which may be classified as superior ignorance

Vanity in the illusion of possession and attachment

versus detachment

Vanity attaches matter

clinging to consciousness

of unconsciousness

Identifying with matter or accomplishment

arouses Vain thought, Thoughts in vain

Pride and vanity and instant gratification

blind the unaware.

A fitful sleep of painful ignorance

are the wages-ravages of vanity and pride

Value recognition Values

in the present moment

a detached regard

Has always been always

personal in that:

it’s up

To “I Am”

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