Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Everyone should

I've spent my whole week consuming sauteed veggie things but the hit parade I most enjoyed (so much I'm fairly buoyant) has been sauteed cloves of Garlic. Now I've never even bought a clove of Garlic but I was on my own for a week: well: I probably ate 20-30 cloves a day... they are so good... who knew that I would be reeking of it by the time G. got home after a week. I sure found out about it... the thing is you can't tell. One has this feeling of enrichment, a healthy glow. It's too bad really that it's not a required food stuff taste. Is there such a thing? Unless everyone consumes it there is a definite social repercussion when a person eats so much of it. I just couldn't get enough !! Well that's all gonna change. G's reaction was very entertaining: I never realized just how much I had consumed, being a "new-be" at this particularly wonderful flavor. I will cut it way down to zero for a while. But I haven't forgotten. I think people were starting to notice—like I say, it's too bad everyone doesn't doesn't do it. Life goes on so now it's brown rice and salads to complete the nutrition requisites I guess.

I started reading my book 2 notes today... lots of ideas to write on. One has to wrap one's mind on something like this: how to organize it, how far do the ideas go, what kind of depth etc. It is a nice and engaging project which needs some alone time with it. I seem to think best by myself in a coffee shop where there are people talking about hip things or whatever (no I haven't been listening in) — the vibe is there or maybe it's my way of doing something meaningful for my mind at least. I'm dedicating this book to my virtual mentor for this entire project: The great jazz guitarist Bobby Cairns. There is so much of him in both Book 1 and the upcoming book 2. Many of the ideas seem to be able to expand and connect. It's going to be a hard won feel-good project for sure.

I'm writing parts and arrangement for the choir (EKOS) and can't get some of this marvelous music out of my mind: "Pass Me The Jazz" an Anders Edenroth a swing-jazz original is really going to be good and fun and well worth the effort to put it together. What a great group! I was working with the choir on Alto and Tenor parts and was struck by the detail needed to really bring this off. Getting the first pitch and so on. In particular is the habit of many to not wait for the down beat or singing something directly on beat 2... and swing 8ths and pushes. One has to feel strongly the following down beat after a push and in a choir (or horns) this can be accomplished by expressing that with a little more tone that is easily applied. It's fun to be able to bring people to that realization.

I'm hoping to put up on "cloud" a few tracks of solo piano. It is coming along. It's quite amazing how feeling comes across on a recording when it's truly there to begin with. Conviction/heart is the hoped for message.

Apparently I sold a book in Bolgna Italy the other day ! Yey ... very encouraging and amazing !

'Picked up a couple of gigs Wed. Thursday at Sabor Dovino... I like playing there or places like it. The approach I finally have come to use is a very broad beat (ballad-y) with the melody featured in gentle waves that don't quite crest if you know what I mean. I'm always tuning in to the folks at the tables being sure not to interfere with the conversation. The attempt is to tune in to the feel of the place... it's not always the same but the solution to each situation has this sensitivity in common. I don't even have to play pop tunes so much (some that I like to do and know, get featured). Broadway show standards etc. is my main repertoire — I can do the odd "tasteful" jazzy fills but only if it's integrated into the presentation. Now, they do listen and the music needs to be as musically dynamic on this scaled-back level. I try to enjoy myself in this musical enclosure and do. I think people know that (I humbly hope so) there is a sincere attempt to add value to their experience and so far they've been quite appreciative. I like the idea of doing a crescendo and scaling it back while there is another musical message sweeping in (softly) underneath it. It becomes a learning experience for me, like most gigs. That's one good reason to play.

It's fortunate that there are gigs like this to do.... There is a culture that needs to be maintained and enlarged. Music is a good thing !! Hallelujah !!

Pleasant Journey All !!

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